Senior FAFSA Night: Unraveling the Mystery Behind Financial Aid

By Bing Chen

September 14, 2016 was the night to discuss one of the most pressing things on a senior’s mind: how to pay for college. Students and parents flooded the auditorium as The Brooklyn Tech Senior FAFSA information session commenced, and a panel of college guidance counselors covered a lot of important information like dates, financial aid, and fee waivers.

10 important things to take away from FAFSA night:

  1. Fee waivers are available to students who receive free or reduced lunch. There will be fee waivers for college applications and for the college board.
  2. Link Naviance and the Common App Account.
  3. Early deadline and transcript request form is due in college office on September 23 and can be found on the Brooklyn Tech website under college form tab.
  4. FAFSA opens October 1st.
  5. Non- electronic transcript request forms due November 4th for schools that don’t accept submission through common app.
  6. Last day to add/delete colleges on Naviance will be November 4th after that students will be unable to edit their college list.
  7. Everybody is responsible for sending their own SAT and ACT scores.
  8. Male students will have to register for the military or else they cannot get aid and there are bills in each of the houses to add women to the list right now
  9. If students are applying for TAP (NYS Education Services Corporation) there is a direct link from FAFSA.
  10. All the information and powerpoints from the night have been posted to the Brooklyn Tech website on the college office page.

“It was really helpful and I learned that there are a lot of ways to receive financial aid for college.”

-Edith Zhao ’17

“The FAFSA speaker was very informative, and my dad was very happy that the speaker could thoroughly answer our questions.”

-Bridget Wong ’17.

For many students, this is what four years at Tech have been leading up to, and it’s events like these that can help them finish strong and hopefully debt free.

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