Tech’s Spring Instrumental Concert

By Jeremy Tu

The Tech 2015-16 concert season concluded on May 26th with the Spring Instrumental Concert. This was a highly anticipated concert, since this was the first instrumental concert since the orchestra’s trip to China in late April.

The Intermediate Orchestra, as always, opened the show. All of the songs they played were also played during the tour in China, so some members of the tour had some bittersweet nostalgia. The set began with Tchaikovsky’s “Marche Slav”. This particular arrangement had the audience on their feet with the song’s sudden escalation at the end and made for a great start.

Speaking of surprises, “Curse of the Rosin Eating Zombies” gave the audience an unexpected jlt of fear with the sudden  scream from Nicholas Kugler ‘18. The song required lots of versatility, for the orchestra had to tap their instrument, move their fingers across the entire fingerboard, and even act like zombies for a part. Reactions were quite mixed. As an audience member put it, “I felt he [Nicholas] was looking at me and we locked eyes.”

Transitions between groups were smoothed out by interludes, one of which was “Canon in D” played by Ethan Fung ‘17, Harrison Yamada ‘19, Connie Zhong ‘17, and Achilles Ecos ‘18. Each of them held a unique part in the song, except poor Achilles who had the same 8 notes that every cellist passionately loathes.

The newest group in the concert order made their debut: the Intermediate Band. A group that has not performed for over a decade, they impressed the audience (and notably themselves) with Eighties Flashback, a medley of 80s songs, and Star Wars Saga. Jacques Bettig ‘17, a trumpet in the band, said “I was first afraid that I would collapse, but then I was surprised that we did better than expected. I made a few mistakes, but looking back at it, they were inaudible and in the end it went well.”

The Jazz Band came next with their songs “Rush” and “Caravan”. Soloists from each song got to shine and the drummers were highly praised. Following that was Judy Zhang ‘18 with her solo song, which was also largely admired. Jason Sze ‘17 said “It [her solo] was fire.”

The show concluded with the Philharmonic Orchestra which was comprised of the Concert Band and the Advanced Orchestra. The concertmaster, David Raufova ‘16 paid tribute to his role in last year’s musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, by leading the tuning with a prop from the set. The repertoire began with a medley of the main theme, Suite 1, and Suite 2 of “Band of Brothers”, filling the audience with patriotic determination. Next was the more jazzy “Doors On Tour”. Out of the three, however, “Rocky Broadway” was the audience favorite, probably because the memorable theme of “Eye of the Tiger” had been incorporated into it.

As per usual, the concert could not have ended without a word from the seniors. While the most common gift was flowers (even one bouquet for Mr. Izakson), Mr. Fischer also received a new stand and a poster signed by the graduating band members.

Musicians and audience members alike agreed that the concert was a pleasant way to tie the knot to another successful year of performances. Mrs. Lapierre said “The concert was really good. People really enjoyed it and all the students had an awesome time. Judy [Zhang ‘18] impressed so many people.” Jenny Yan ‘17 who performed on stage for the first time said “[The concert was] pretty nice… I couldn’t tell apart the mistakes. I liked the band more, though.”  Yash Mahtani ‘17 said, “We didn’t have much time to practice [after the trip] but we were able to pull it off for the seniors. Still great as always!”

Here’s to another year of Tech music and maybe even more exclusive performances.

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