Tech’s Boys Baseball Remains Strong as Season Nears

By Aman Kaiyum

Tech’s baseball team has had a solid performance this year, despite several players battling injuries.  In the regular season, the team held a record of 10-6 and is in the second seed of the Brooklyn AA league, falling 2 wins behind Harry Van Arsdale who sits at first.  

The team has been struggling with injuries, as several players were out for the whole season.  Two seniors were out for the season, including first baseman Nathaniel Kue and Shortstops Trystan Mohamed.  Also, pitcher and first baseman Brandyn Rodriguez had faced an injury late in the season, as well as Infielder Andy Santella earlier on.  Although many players seemed to have gotten injured, the team has persevered and managed to make it to the second seed.  

On the 25th of May, Tech went up against Alfred E. Smith Campus in the first game of the playoffs.  The game was a great success as Tech came up with the victory 5-2.  The next game of the playoffs is in the 27th, where Tech will face off against Beach Channel Educational Campus, who went 15-1 in the regular season.  

Pitcher Frank Adams ’18 offers his thoughts on the team.  He states, “I think the team has grown a lot together and we’re more comfortable playing together.  After winning the first playoff game, I feel that we have gained the confidence we need to win more.  Our next game will be against a tough team, but we’re prepared to play strong and do our best.”

Considering Tech’s previous records, the team of 2015-2016 has improved considerably.  Last year the team had a record of 9-7, while in 13-14, Tech had a disappointing record of 1-15.  Despite past performances, Tech has made huge leaps as we are currently among the top of our league.  

Tech had one win in the playoffs last year, and it is looking up this year, with noticeable improvement from the team in terms of chemistry and play.  With enough effort, the team may be able to get very far in the playoffs, but only time and effort can tell.

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