My Journey

By Julia Andresakis ’18

Photographed by Jasmin Wang '17
Photographed by Jasmin Wang ’17

After completing my entire freshman without being involved in any extracurriculars, I decided to attend The Survey’s informational meeting at the beginning of my sophomore year. Immediately, I felt a sense that this was a close knit community and was welcomed; walking into a room full of like-minded individuals all passionate about writing, like myself, was just what I needed to build up my confidence.  After listening to each editor’s presentation, I mulled over all of my options, and tried to decide which section would be the right one for me. Some, such as the Features and Editorials sections, caught my eye initially. Soon enough, however, I decided to join a section completely new to The Survey, Lifestyle & Fashion. Over the course of the year, I wrote about topics I would have never imagined myself writing about prior–how writing is an excellent stress reliever, reviews on the best thrift stores in the city, the benefits of reading new books in order to gain a new perspective on life. These were all topics I enjoyed writing about immensely, but would have never found out, had I not joined The Survey.  Writing weekly, sometimes biweekly, for the newspaper helped me feel like I was contributing to Tech’s diverse and talented community. For the first time in my high school experience, I was able to practice my writing skills while also publishing articles about issues and ideas important to me.

As the school year came to a close, when the winter frigid conditions slowly transitioned into the spring floral environment , I decided that I would take my chances and apply for an editor position for the next school year. When I found out that I had become the new editor of The Survey’s Arts & Entertainment section, I was ecstatic. I enjoyed writing for my section tremendously, but I also felt ready to take on more responsibility and monitor a section of my own–upon hearing that this would soon be a reality, I felt an even stronger sense of belonging than I did previously. Now, as the 2016-2017 editor for the Arts & Entertainment section, I look fondly back on the community I joined all the way back in September. Knowing that I will be a part of The Survey for the next two years gives me the sense that I will grow as a writer, and will see our school newspaper grow and develop as well. My time being a part of The Survey has been invaluable, and I am eager to see what we have in store for next year.

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