Junior Year

By Jasmin Wang ’17

For many, junior year signifies the transition of putting in hard work to putting in even harder work. As stressful as it was for me to deal with the course work load and balance my extracurriculars, I am very proud of my accomplishments this year specifically. I have also learned quite a few things from my experience as a high school junior: dedication, generosity, and the ‘drive.’

Dedication varies from student to student. Some students dedicate their time and effort academically. Not only do juniors spend hours studying for regular tests and APs, many dedicate their weekends to study for the SAT, SAT 2 and ACT. Others, focus their time and effort to extracurriculars and sports. These are the students who constantly demonstrate leadership in clubs and break records in sports competitions. Through my experience this year, I found that I had the full high school experience by dedicating my time to editing articles for the school newspaper, planning events in CSA, and competing in swim meets. Much of what I found to be fulfilling was joining the activities I am passionate about. If I were to leave you with one piece of advice, take advantage of all the things that Brooklyn Tech has to offer. Do not be afraid to explore clubs and teams.

Generosity is developed throughout high school. My definition of generosity is being able to help others from your heart. This can be as simple as giving up a few minutes of your day to help someone understand the steps to solve a problem. This can also mean donating a few dollars to athletic teams for equipment fundraising. Soon enough, you will find that even the merest deed will result in reciprocated actions.

The Drive. This is what keeps Tech students going. Whether it be staying up until 2 a.m. or staying after school to take photos of events for clubs and yearbook. The passion that Tech students display is very distinct among New York City high schools. As a student who had to attend 5:45 a.m. swim practice before school, I learned that this doesn’t apply to the swim team alone. There is the wrestling team who attends morning practices and football team who trains rain or shine. It is the drive and passion students have that keep them going. Understand that high school flies by fast, so seize the moment and don’t ever let your drive diminish.

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