Girls Wrestling Secures City Championship

By Alexander Leon

Tech’s Girls Varsity Wrestling Team went undefeated in the regular season, assuming victory in all 6 games.  Early on April 7th, Tech defeated Edward R. Murrow High School 24-31 away at Murrow’s school, demonstrating Tech’s strength early in the season.

girls wrestling 2Kiara Rice ’17 offered some of her thoughts. She said “At first, I was extremely nervous. This is my first season and I had to do this new thing in front of New York. But once I got on staged I just wrestle for my team and it ended up working. I regret nothing and I’m so proud of us.” Definitely, the team got stronger over the course of the season, becoming even more formidable.

HS for Construction suffered a loss against Tech; Tech winning 38-11. Tech also beat Wingate Educational Campus 34-20 but Tech had one of their best games against Sunset Park High School, winning victoriously with a score of 40-5.

“It was a fun, amazing experience!,” Mickaela Samuel said.

Moving onto the post-season, Tech had yet another stunning experience, this time against Martin L.King Jr, 39-10. Advancing into the semifinals, Tech didn’t fail to impress, defeating Francis Lewis 36-15.

Then came the game the whole team was waiting for, the city finals, held in Times Square. Tech was against Harry S. Truman, another well capable team.“It brought us out of our comfort zones,” said Crystal Siew.  There were barricades with a large number of people watching eagerly the anticipated match-up. The players went on stage and shook hands with those of Harry S. Truman and the game officially began. One by one the players went and wrestled in the order of Adalix Siri, Jessica Lau, Mickaela Samuel, Shannon Zhen, Kiara Rice, Wenley Ma, Crystal Siew, Aileen Gonzalez, Katrin Pokalyukhin. The game was so popular that it was live streamed on and fellow wrestling Olympians were there.

“It was inspiring to meet with real Olympians and see in person what they’ve accomplished. It makes me strive to work as hard as they do,” said Kimberly Servande.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, Tech’s undefeated streak reigned tall as they eliminated Harry S. Truman 30-22. “It was a thrilling experience. I can finally leave Tech with no regrets.” said Jessica Lau.

“Being able to wrestle in Times Square was the highlight of my senior year,” said Wenley Ma.

Tech’s final at Times Square was definitely an unforgettable moment and hopefully there will be more moments like this in the future.

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