Girls JV Lacrosse Spirits Still Reign as Season Nears End

By Alexander Leon

The Girls JV Lacrosse team at Tech remains hopeful as they start the season with 7 straight losses. When asked about the season, Katherin Solis put it, “Bad. We lost all 4 [games].” On the flip side, Edmond Chen, student manager of the team, facilitates these losses through his greatly appreciated assistance. Katherin remarked, “He carries all our stuff. It’s great.”

Edmund Chen also added some of his insights. He said “Overall, the season didn’t start off so well but overtime , the team got stronger and closer together, making them a better team.”

But she does give reason as to why the losses shouldn’t be deemed as total devastation. She told me, “First of all, our failures aren’t that bad and… we’re learning. I mean most of us haven’t [played] lacrosse ever and we basically have learned what most people have [been learning] since they were 6 or 7.” This tends to happen among JV teams where most players on JV teams will either move up to varsity or discontinue their participation in the sport either because they weren’t granted a spot on the varsity team or because they disliked the sport. The JV team is now susceptible to players who are new to the game, or maybe just on the team to “be involved” and try something new for a change.

However, the problem does not only lie in the lack of prior experience. It appears there may be more needed preparation for the games as well. She said, “Some days I only have half an hour practice and our scrimmages aren’t as long as you’d like them to be.” Preparation can play a key role in sports as it help athletes fulfill their goals and increases their motivation.

Katherin has also mentioned that she feels there is a lack of diversity in the team. She explained, “There’s only two Hispanic on the team [which] includes me and another Ecuadorian girl.” When asked of the atmosphere of the team, Katherin confessed, “It’s pretty weird because I’m constantly getting patronized because I’m a white Hispanic and play[ing] lacrosse is supposed to be a white person’s game which is not true at all.” She says she has seen the same pattern among other teams as well. More diversity allows a team greater exposure to new ways a game can be played. It gives a team an opportunity to learn new techniques. It also allows for a broader range of suggestions to be given.

The Girls JV team began their season in late March with a 0-14 loss to Hunter College High School. They faced off again in April at Randall’s Island to lose by a slightly lesser margin of 15-5. The team looked to be improving especially with a heavily contested game against Curtis where Tech forced 4 overtime periods only to come up short 6-7. Midwood beat Tech 3-6 at Tech’s home field in mid-April. Hopefully, the team will get better and Tech wishes nothing but the best for them.

Good luck to Coach Ciccolini and the Girls JV team! Go Tech!

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