Class of 2017 Presidential Election: A Statement from Jasmin Wang

Class of 2017 Presidential Election: A Statement from Jasmin Wang

Hello fellow students, my name is Jasmin Wang. As we approach the end of a very stressful year, students are given the opportunity to deeply think about who they would like to represent. I am running go senior class president and it would be an honor to serve you as class president.

As senior class president, I will not only plan the main events such as prom, masquerade, senior trip, and graduation along fellow executives, but create events that are new to the Tech tradition. I am planning to create an event for guest speakers to visit our school every month. Speakers from Ted Talks and non profit organizations such as UNICEF, Operation Smile, American Cancer Society, Red Cross, etc. would come to raise awareness about their campaigns and how students can get involved. Due to the fact that I am in contact with the student relations director of Operation Smile and know a few of the board members of the American Cancer Society and Red Cross, I will work hard to set up these speaker events with them. Due to the fact that it is our last year at Brooklyn Tech, it would be an amazing experience for students to connect globally with nonprofit organizations, fundraising, making care packages, and leaving our mark on BTHS. In fact, you may even find a career path!

During my time in the Council of Student Activities, a branch of student government, I learned the steps to properly plan and execute school events. I was able to plan and lead Major Wars, which turned out to be an exciting event for students to de-stress before AP exams. Much of my experience comes from planning this year’s events and next year’s senior trips and events.

I will work hard with my fellow executives to create lasting memories of our prom, senior trip, and graduation. As we all look forward to the day we get to dance the night away or walk on stage to receive a diploma, please vote for me as your senior class president. Thank you for your time.

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