Things to Consider for the Future Major Selection Process

Things to Consider for the Future Major Selection Process

By Alex Chan ‘18

Photographed by Alex Chan’18

Major selections is an important decision for high school sophomores in Brooklyn Technical High School to make. With a wide variety of up to 18 major choices, there is plethora of  classes and AP courses that sophomores can plan on taking in their junior and senior year. Some majors may be more popular than others. However, that doesn’t mean that it is the right choice for you. Everyone’s interests are vary when it comes to academics. This applies especially to the fact that once your major selections have been submitted, the results are are based on what courses you take interest in. The classes that correspond to certain majors will be the classes you take for the next two years.

“I think major selection is a very exciting, yet stressful time, most sophomores look forward to. Not everyone knows what career they want to pursue yet and major selections is just another one of those big choices in life that we will have to make to get one step closer to a field we have interest in. But it is also tough worrying about possibly not making into your top few choices especially with the amount of students and competition at Tech. Hopefully, majority of my classmates will get into the major they want, even if it is a bit of a demanding decision from Tech,” noted Weilu Hou ‘18

Bohdan Zobkiv ‘18 said,“Well I was always set on going into the Software Engineering major, but this changed when I went to major selection night. I really got to see the majors. So instead of software I’m going for mechatronics. But other than that, I’m not really having a difficult choice deciding as some others are.”

With major selections being one of the most important times of the year for Brooklyn Technical High School for sophomores, it is easy to mess up  choices. With the majors system changing every year, it is always a smart choice to do a little bit of research before selecting and submitting the majors you wish to be in. For example, just last year, there was no civil engineering major as a choice because there weren’t enough students in the major nor available teachers. Some other changes include the addition or selection of classes within a major. For example, just this year, the college prep major had criminal law and an ELA elective added as two extra classes seniors must take.

“I have a low PI, but knowing that 80% or so of people get into their first choice, I feel pretty confident that I am going to get into the Biological Sciences major,” said Jeriel Nunez ‘18.

Embedded into the major selection system is a Power Index (PI) for each student which takes specific grades of each student and uses them to calculate a PI to rank students in their selected major and basing off selection off of that. For example, the software engineering major takes the overall average of the student, adds their math average, digital electronics average, and English average to it to get the PI of the student. This makes selection very grade oriented. However, the good thing about major selections at Brooklyn Technical High School is the fact that 80% of students get into the major of their first choice, and 92% get into their top three. This provides a reason as to why it is a good thing to have confidence in your choices and not make selections solely on whether you think you have a good chance of getting in or not. Rather, make choices based on what major you truly want to be in. Lastly, it is important to note that although you got into a specific major, this doesn’t reflect what career path you decide to take. Majors are used to show a student’s interests in a specific subject and give insight into a career that may be worth pursuing.

Results of Class ’18: 89.2% of the 1354 of 10th grade students selecting a major were placed in their first choice and nearly 98.4% were placed in one of the top three choices.

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