Spring Break Festivities

Alex Chan ‘18

It’s almost time for spring break to begin. As high school students take one week of break in the end of April, many take advantage by studying for AP exams, Regents, and finals. What are other activities to do during spring break? Simply, that question that can be answered with endless answers. Students shed light about their plans for this spring break.

“During the spring break, I plan on studying for future tests” said Katie Yang.

Though it may seem counterintuitive to say that spring break is a time for relaxation, many students end up studying for upcoming exams. However, studying during break can help declutter May’s study schedule. It is essential for students  to study and review topics that have been covered early on in the year in order to be successful in taking the exams.  Allocating study time during break, will prevent yourself from cramming in material a week before exams. Getting a head start is always a smart choice when it comes to academics. In the long run, studying a few weeks before an exam will yield satisfactory results and desired scores.

Other students find spring break a time to catch up on television shows, catch up with friends and sleep, and relax.

Mohammed Sadif ‘18 noted, “I’m going to stay home all week and binge watch movies, while eating food.”

Enjoy the weather

During spring break, find time to enjoy the sunny and warm weather. Take in the fresh, crisp air and appreciate the moment. Although it is easy to become a recluse at home, it is important that you seize the day. It is very difficult to find warm weather in New York when the temperature is irregular. Thus, enjoying and taking advantage of the warm weather will increase your overall happiness.

Be productive

Even if you are not interested in going outside, make the most of what you have. If you are absorbed into computers, make a program or start your own website. If you are into photography, go experiment with editing.  Have family over? Get to know them by having conversations about personal topics.

“During the break, I intend to better my health by playing more sports such as basketball. I greatly enjoy hanging out and competing with friends,”noted  Shiyu An ‘18

Going outside of school provides students with freedom to be in their own comfort zone. Though it may seem like a big and intimidating world, there are plenty of things to partake in. For example, hanging out with friends may be the most exciting thing to do. It allows you to deepen relationships between one another and try out different activities together. Another activity to try out is playing a sport with friends. Although it may seem difficult to learn new sports, it may spark an interest. If you want to get toned or get in shape, try making a week long exercise routine. Once you find interests in exercising and playing sports, you may want to pursue and incorporate them into your daily routine. Remember to make the most of spring break!

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