New Season, New Baseball

By Colin Ritter, David Mashkevich, Nazmul Hossain, YuQing Lin

The Brooklyn Tech baseball team was looking to complete the team of 28 members. 20 players remained from the previous season, and with 5 members recruited in the fall, only 3 spots remained for over 80 aspiring athletes. The tryouts began on March 1st and if a kid made the first cut he was asked to return on March 2nd. If he performed well on Wednesday, he was asked to return on Thursday and practice with the team. Finally, if the coach emailed him to attend the meeting Friday, he becomes an official member of the team. Capture baseball

As Coach Rodriguez said, “We’re looking for five tools. We want speed, hitting, fielding, throwing, and hitting for power” when assessing the ball players during tryout. Those trying out were split up based upon their positions to work in groups with each other and is assessed amongst each other. Pitchers and catchers were along the foul line, while the infielders took ground ball practice in the infields and the outfielders took flyball practice in the outfield. Nearing the end of the tryout, the whole team came together to take batting practice. Pitchers trying out for the team threw batting practice to the hitters while the remainder of the tryout kids played the field.

The tryout kids were huddled together at the end of the tryout and the coach thanked everyone for coming out. He thoroughly explained that the team could only have so many members, and all that was left was to just wait for the coach’s decision. On Friday, the team would find out which players had made the cut and be looking at a long and rough baseball season.

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