Brooklyn Tech Hosts Handball Team Tryouts at Van Voorhees Park

By Jackie Quach, Michelle Liang, Herman Ng. and Subhajit Saha

Roy Rim, senior, winds up to serve the ball during practice.


17 Brooklyn Tech student handball players put their skills to the test at Van Voorhees Park on March 1st, 2016 to earn a spot on Brooklyn Tech’s Handball Team.

How do the tryouts work? New incoming players are randomly matched against each other to test each person’s skills. If the player wins the majority or all of his games, he will most likely get on the team. Brooklyn Tech’s Boy’s Handball Team is one of the best in the city. For the past two years, Tech has made it to the city-finals. Co-Captain, Gordon Wang, says, “This year, our rivals would have to be ourselves. We really need to work on ourselves, especially our motivation.”

The Brooklyn Tech tryouts test the limit of each new player. Vincent Chen, current team member, states, “If they have potential or play well, they have a good shot at making it onto the team.”

Two confident juniors, Joey Leung and William Ye, battled it out on the courts. Joey Leung says, “I will make it on the team by winning all my games this tryout.” Ironically, a fellow junior took him down.

Other than the regular tryouts, there are position tryouts. The current members on the team are placed in a tournament, single elimination bracket. The top seven players are the starters for Brooklyn Tech. This year there are 37 players on the team. Good luck to the handball players this season!


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