Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


By Michael Zacharowicz

I’ll only spoil it later on. If you don’t want to read a personal review, not some fan-service, stop reading.
You’re still here?
Okay, then.
Batman v. Superman was a neat fan-service, with some [expected] plot thrown in, but also some cheese.

Part 1: The Good
​BvS is pretty true to its comic book origins. It also has to pay fan-service to those of you who don’t read comic books. In any case, watching a seemingly-lopsided battle turn any-way possible was enjoyable. Batman’s technology vs Superman’s overpowered capabilities was quite enjoyable. One could easily root for either/or, thanks to their motives. Wonder Woman’s appearance as a side character, the cameos by Aquaman and the Flash contributed to the wild ride that was this movie. There were great battles between Batman and Superman (one specifically, and it was more of a skirmish), along with a final battle against the Kryptonian Deformity, Doomsday.
​Part 2: The Bad
​I never wanted to go see a movie were The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg is redoing his role. It is as if he was told to act as incoherent as possible, with random laughing and babbling. Also, the not-so-subtle religious imagery was a slight turn off for me. Even more so, though I like cheesiness when used correctly, this was not correct. Though I did state that ‘one could root for either,’ that was more specific to the characters in general, not their performance: Superman is not god, and Batman is not the judge, jury and executioner. Lois Lane just stares, and seems to solely exist to be the damsel in distress. In fact, [SPOILER ALERT] Superman’s death was slightly pleasing, if only to end this ‘wild ride.’
Part 3: The Conclusion
​The saddest part about all of this is that in writing this review, I am fighting a personal inner battle. One side – the younger, immature side – loves this movie for being a superhero movie filled with randomness. The other – older, mature side – sees this as being a disaster. While BvS has many neat little quirks, it also suffers from hype. It seems that, unless you are Star Wars, creating hype two years before the movie comes out is a bad idea.

​I recommend this movie if you want to watch the fights, or see the comic books come to life. I do not recommend it if you came expecting the hype to deliver.

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