What is Companionship?

What is Companionship?

By Jasmin Wang ’17

Photographed by Jasmin Wang '17
Photographed by Jasmin Wang ’17

Whenever I am looking down at the floor, I can’t help but smile. London, my first dog, is truly a companion. I believe companions enter our lives in all types of ways spontaneously. Whether it be family friends, classmates, teammates, pets, etc., they impact our lives in a positive manner. Taking care of my dog has taught me many things about companionship.

Don’t take anything for granted 

I know the average lifespan of a King Charles Cavalier is approximately just a bit over ten years. Owning a dog, I do worry about how I’m going to deal with the death of a companion.  However, I have come to realize that I should just be grateful to have a dog. My dog has taught me the skills of caring, sharing, and protecting. These skills are acquired during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Even with such limited time, it is important to seize every moment.

Be around those that make you happy

You deserve to live the best life you can have. It is not feasible to have companions or friends that do not impact you in a positive manner. If someone is always putting you down, don’t stick around for too long. Regarding the people in my life who do put me down, I know not to waste anytime with them. You should not let anyone pose as an obstacle to your goal and happiness.

Find a companion

Finding a companion may seem hard at first, but understand you will find one. There are 7.125 billion individuals on Earth. You are bound to meet at least one companion that will relate to your life and help you reach the life you want. Thought Brooklyn Tech holds several thousand students and you may not have found a companion yet, understand there are plenty of companions outside of school or even in your own home.

Believing someone’s life is perfect, is quite the stretch. It may seem from the outside that one has the opportunity to do extracurriculars, socialize, travel, etc., but it is very unconscious of people to make such assumptions. It was hard finding my companion and it may be for you. Just understand that there is always someone out there willing to lend a hand in your life.

Inspirational Quote:“Those who have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give.”-Bertrand Russell

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