How Commute Affects a Student’s Life

By Saurav Hossain ‘18

We all hate the long, crowded train rides in the morning. Even more so because many of us leave very early just to make it to class on time.Train rides are worsened by delays due to track fires and signal malfunctions. Perhaps, the worst part of the arduous commute is the overcrowded trains where people are packed in tighter than sardines in a tin.

“My commute is about an hour and twenty minutes, assuming there are no delay. At this point, having no delays is a joke” said David Tan ‘18.

However, there is a lighter side to then terrible transportation to and from school. It allows students to become productive. Productivity could come in many forms and show us that this commute is maybe a good part of our lives.This juncture could also be used to reflect on one’s thoughts or relax.

“I end up reading the paper in the train. It’s something that started as a pass time, and then became a good hobby which constantly helps me stay current” said Jack Gazard ‘18.

“I normally read books on the train and do any homework I have” stated Dustin Sun ‘18.

“I’m either on my phone or listening to music” said David.

Personally, I love to use the long ride to school for a well deserved nap. Taking naps calms me down and makes me more focused in class.

The daily, time consuming commute does takes it toll on students. In some cases, commute interferes with sleep schedules. In other cases, students find it to be a time for productivity.

“The long ride affects how much sleep I get and how much time I have for homework when I get home” said Alessandro Delmonaco ‘18.

“The commute takes it’s toll on my sleep. Generally, I end up getting less and less sleep at home” added Dustin.

On a more positive note, we pick up some useful skills that we will benefit from later in life. Facing a set back allows us to grow from it and not let it interfere with our studies.

“The long ride makes me plan ahead. If there is a delay or something wrong with the trains, I end up finding another way to school” stated David.

“The long commute got me into the habit of eating faster in the morning” said Jack.

Despite the good and the bad factors of the lengthy and uneasy commute,  we learn to adapt to the given conditions. See the beauty that truly lies in this mundane  world by opening your eyes to all the things you can learn from in one train ride.

Inspirational Quote: “Life is a train ride. It’s a long ride to get to where you are going…and sometimes you stay on and enjoy the scenery, and other times you get off. You experience the good and the bad, but you learn from every mistake” – Anonymous.

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