Fuller House: A New Take on an Old Classic

By Lucas Ardon

Fuller House is the much anticipated continuation of the beloved sitcom, Full House. Recently released exclusively and completely on Netflix to watch on demand, the show has been buzzed about for months before its actual release. Fans were especially excited because almost all of the original actors reunited to reprise their roles for the new show. The only exception being Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who iconically played Michelle Tanner, the youngest sister in the original series. Fuller House brings the beloved characters and series to the world’s next generation, who may not have been exposed to it otherwise.

Similar to the original series, the show opens up with the main characters moving into the iconic San Francisco home. However, this time it’s a reunion of all the original characters (with the exception of Michelle, who gets a little bit of shade thrown at her). The series follows DJ, the oldest daughter from the original series, who has recently been widowed and left with 3 sons after her husband dies in the line of duty as a firefighter. Stephanie and Kimmy, her sister and best friend, move in with her into her old house to help her with raising her three sons. Several new characters are featured in the show, as well – DJ’s three sons, Kimmy’s ex-husband Fernando and their daughter, and DJ’s coworker Matt.

The show manages to capture the same kind of atmosphere as the original series did, but remains fresh and exciting for the new (and old) audience’s enjoyment. However, this has caused the show to face some criticism. Fuller House features implicit sexual humor and innuendos, most of which aren’t easily distinguished by children, but nevertheless, some parents are upset with the inclusion of such humor. The show also plays a bit like a Nickelodeon or Disney Channel live action series, in my opinion. Some of the scenes and characters are really over the top and exaggerated; some to a point that’s kind of unnecessary. However, even with these setbacks, it still is a good show for the whole family.

While Fuller House does have its faults, it manages to keep up the image and tradition of the original Full House series, and bring the experience of it to a whole new generation. John Stamos has done a great job directing the show to be a proper continuation of the original series that fans – old and new – can enjoy. Overall, I give Fuller House an 8.7/10, and look forward to seeing if it continues on with further seasons like the original series did back in the 90s.

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