Healthy Food to Eat While Studying

Healthy Food to Eat While Studying

By Stephanie Mach ’18

Made and photographed by Jasmin Wang ’17

As finals, Regents, and AP exams approach, stress settles not only in our minds, but also in our bodies. While students spending hours working and studying at home or at the library, they tend to put our health aside. Most students tend to also forget what types of food they should intake. As students, we need give ourselves a sufficient amount of energy to efficiently study. Here are a couple of tips that will come in handy as we try to learn two semesters’ worth of information.

The Do’s

1) Eat protein-packed snacks
When we consume snacks that contain high amounts of protein, it will actually help us attain long-term energy to help us get the long hours of studying. Some delicious snacks include: nuts, cheese, dairy, chicken, and eggs. Not only are these tasty options, but also easy to make. For example, a basil, tomato, and pesto dish takes less than 5 minutes to make.

2) Fresh fruit

Consuming fruits is the best way to get that sugar boost you need naturally. It will surely keep you alert and focused on your content. Frozen fruits can be blended up for a quick smoothie or eaten in its natural state.

3) Stay hydrated
Drinking water is essential for keeping brain cell’s functional. Water gives refreshing quench throughout your study session. An easy way to make sure you do is to keep a cup and a liter of ice water at your desk. Drink at least that amount of water for every two hours of studying. This will keep you alert and ready to study.

The Don’ts

1) Choosing high-sugar snacks
Eating that whole bag of Doritos or munching on that roll of Oreos may be extremely appealing, but it’s not the best choice for a night of cramming.  Not only will it make you crave more and more, it will also make you have a sudden energy crash later on and slow you down because of how much sugar you are taking in during one sitting. Junk food is a quick path to distraction and should be avoided.

2) Devouring Caffeine
Coffee and several other beverages containing caffeine are often mistaken as a quick go-to energy booster. It really can do the job, but for a very short amount of time. However, you will eventually find yourself feeling drowsy or uncomfortable if your intake is too high. Make sure to keep your consumption to a limit. Anything with caffeine causes large fluctuations in energy levels. Overconsumption of caffeine may contribute to serious health problems.

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