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Goodbye Starman – Remembering David Bowie

Memorial for David Bowie outside of his SoHo apartment in Manhattan

On January 10, 2016, another music legend died too young — David Bowie, only 69 years old.

Famous for his eccentric aesthetics, spectacular sound, and moving message promoting individuality, freedom of expression, and creativity, David Bowie not only paved the way for musicians and artists today, but internationally influenced people of all backgrounds. He showed the world that oddity and originality were the two most invaluable traits a person could have; two things that make us, us.

From the moment news broke that this international inspiration died of cancer, people began gathering outside of Bowie’s New York City apartment on Lafayette Street to show respect.

People of all ethnic, age, and cultural backgrounds stood in front of 285 Lafayette to pay homage to this legend. Everything from signed vinyl albums to dolphin balloons to handwritten letters were left behind in memory of David Bowie.

With his greatest hits flowing through the brisk air from hidden speakers next door, the presence of David Bowie was most definitely there. It felt as if the Starman himself were watching us grieve over the loss of his musical genius.

Not only was Bowie musically adept, but his insight on life was revolutionary for his time, and changed how the world viewed unique people. Some of his most memorable quotes are below:

Turn and face the strange

I find freedom in the realms of eccentricity

If it works, it’s out of date

You can neither win nor lose if you don’t run the race

Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming

…And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through.

On January 10th, the stars looked very different. Perhaps the Starman was just ready to go back to space.

Rest in peace Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack, the White Duke, Major Tom, Aladdin Sane, Jareth the Goblin King — more popularly known as David Bowie.

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  1. Amazing photographs. Very moving.

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