Brooklyn Tech Admission- Time for a Change?

Every single Brooklyn Tech student remembers taking the SHSAT to get into this school. Each student remembers the mind-numbing three hour test he/she had to sit through just to be able to attend this school.

And why shouldn’t each student applying to this school have to take such a difficult test? Brooklyn Tech is after all, a specialized high school, and like the other 7 specialized high schools, has to base its admission on SHSAT scores.

Recently, there has been talk from teachers that Brooklyn Tech may be thinking about changing the system for how it accepts students to the school. Rumors have been flying around that Brooklyn Tech may remove the SHSAT and instead focus on another aspect for entry.

As a Brooklyn Tech student, this is an extremely important issue and one that cannot be overlooked. Joshua Mimer ’18 states that “I feel like Tech should be changing the way they accept students into the school because in most of my classes, there are a couple of kids who are very disrespectful to teachers and don’t deserve to be in a specialized high school, while I have friends in average high schools who work harder than them and behave better as well, but still didn’t get accepted to tech. I feel like Tech can’t just accept people based on their SHSAT grades, but should instead also look at their behavior and other characteristics.” I must agree with Joshua on this statement because most students, like myself, know students who, through their obscene behavior, show that they clearly do not belong in Brooklyn Tech.

Issano Rogers ’18, greatly disagrees. She explains that she doesn’t think it is fair to her because “I had to take that difficult test and learn new skills just to get into this school, only to hear that the next generation can get in the same way as a regular school? Tech isn’t normal, and we shouldn’t have our method of application be normal either.” Although I do believe that it is unfair to me, I still disagree with her because it is a ridiculous method to accept students.

I had a great deal of trouble getting a quote from a teacher. Many teachers have trouble formulating an opinion on this matter. However Mr. Amato, the sophomore Algebra 2 teacher and freshman Geometry teacher, reveals that “admission into the high school should be based on both the SHSAT and on a student’s average in middle school.”

Personally, I agree with Joshua and Mr. Amato, entry into Brooklyn Tech should not solely be based on SHSAT scores. Many students have worked hard all through middle school, just to find out that they did not make it into the school because some undeserving students took the test and got lucky. This test is also bad for some students who did make it into the school because they believe that just because they passed the test, specialized high school will be easy. As a student who remembers the stress I had, practicing for the test, taking the test, and then waiting 3-4 months for my result, I pity other generations and hope that they will not have to go through the same. 

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