Tech’s Swim Team Wins Fourth Consecutive Championship

Tech’s Swim Team Wins Fourth Consecutive Championship

By Saurav Hossain

For the fourth consecutive year, the Tech Swim team takes first place in the city, defeating Stuyvesant with a score of 49-45. Stuyvesant won the first and second events, the 200 Yard Freestyle and 200 Yard Medley Relays, a lead with Tech hot on its heel. The lead changed, however, as Tech scored first and second after the 100 Yard Freestyle, leading up to the 400 Yard Freestyle Relay. Elan Oumarov ’17 ending it all hitting the touchpad in a split 47.59 seconds.

24340666714_1a7b6f6f4c_k“It was one of the best feelings I’ve experienced in my three years at Tech. I did it for the team. The stadium went crazy. It was a very tough battle, we didn’t get discouraged, we kept training hard, but in the end it came down to who wanted the Championship title more, and with the leadership of coach Swartz and some great swims, we earned the title back,” said Elan Oumarov ‘17.

This was a hard fought victory and may have been Stuy’s strongest team in a long time many Tech swimmers say. Despite Tech not bursting with confidence, they never stopped working hard, pushing themselves further beyond their limits.

“To be honest, we were very doubtful we would win this year, but everyone on our team puts in work day after day to get better in order to reach our goal,” stated Jason Ruf ’18.

“We lost a lot of great senior swimmers last year, and we knew we had to train and persevere, and we knew that thisDSC_4650 year more than ever. The amount of work we needed to put in, we put in, which makes me very proud as captain. We gave everything we had, with the help of master strategist coach Swartz, we won the City Championship finals. After winning our first championship 3 years ago, we never looked back, it was always a matter of progressing as both individuals and together as a team, and I believe each and every person on the team has done so, and I definitely don’t doubt that this progress will continue for many years forward,” said senior captain Matthew Mecner ’16.


The team not only overcame great obstacles to achieve this victory, but many members surpassed their own record times as well as Tech’s historical swim records. 

“I never thought that I would have ever swam this fast in my life. My friend Konstantin once challenged me to break 1:03.99 in breaststroke and we both thought that I was going to break it senior year. I doubted myself at first but I put in the effort and was able to shatter my records as well as place 4th of all of tech’s breaststrokers in school history” said Kevin Huang ’17.

“Being the champs makes me feel victorious but in the end, I know that we will have to step our game up and swim faster for next year” said Horace Wan’18.

24344441033_4d51b3887f_o (1)“At the beginning of the season we had no hope of winning the 4th year in a row. Stuy’s team was bigger and better than ever. Elan and I thought we can only do so much for the team. Everyone had to step up to get the win. Kevin Huang has only been on the team for 2 years but he wanted that win just as much as I did. He swam his heart out and got us a very clutch 1st place in breaststroke. This win meant so much to me and the seniors and now we are the only kids in tech history to never lose a single meet in all our 4 years,” said senior captain Vinny Konovalov.
 Much of the success and winning streaks of Tech’s swim team is dedicated to their Coach Derek Swartz, and of course amongst each other, as the swimmers are grateful to their Coach and their families.
“I definitely owe it all to my teammates, from freshmen to alumni, and mostly my coach, Derek Swartz. He puts in the most time and energy into our team out of any of us and he’s the real reason we’ve won these last few years” stated Matthew.

“Our leader Coach Swartz is the best coach in Tech, best swim coach in the city and in my opinion the best coach that I have ever worked with or even heard of because he wants to win more for us and he pushes us day in and day out to be the greatest we can be. He spends his own time, he doesn’t get paid too much for being a coach but he does it because he loves it. Everyday he stays after school to coach us even though he could be doing other things. And so I am grateful for having the best team and the best coach on this planet” said Jason.

With the fourth consecutive championship for Tech’s swim team, the sense of unity and enjoyment is afloat as nothing bonds the school’s student body more than their spirit.

“Alright, so I just wanted to say that our swim team has honestly put in so much hard work this year, from going to practice at 6 am during the cold winter to grueling 3 hour long practices during winter break I can say that our hard work has definitely paid off well” Kevin affectionately stated.

All in all, Tech’s swim team has played phenomenally and hopefully they will continue to do so in the years to come.

Photos by Arseniy Dmitriev

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