Teen Wolf’s Season 5 Comes Back!

MTV’s hottest and most thrilling show is back! Picking up from season 5, episode 11, “The Last Chimera,” Theo and his newly formed pack of Chimeras (supernatural hybrids) are ready to spread havoc in Beacon Hills. With Scott’s pack blown apart because of complications with Theo and the mysterious Dread Doctors, Stiles, Malia, and Scott must reunite in order to save Stiles’ father from a fatal toxin. This mid-season premiere was nothing less of what you would expect from Teen Wolf’s brilliant producer, Jeff Davis. The long awaited episode was filled with just enough action and exciting new scenes to satisfy this fangirl’s little heart.

Having to wait for the next episode of season 5 for five months was a huge struggle for fans like myself, especially with episode ten being so mind-blowing. (Just imagine waiting to see what Theo and his new resurrected pack was going to do to Scott and his friends!) Millions of fans were anticipating a great episode 11. And the show did not disappoint – jaws were dropped once the scene with Lydia in the asylum played on screen. I loved how they ended the first part of the season with Lydia and started the season with her. It was the perfect beginning.

Within the first few minutes of watching this electrifying episode, my body was already squirming with a mix of delight and fear. Though my heart clenched when I saw Meredith’s bloody body crawl out of the bath tub in asylum, I couldn’t manage to take my eyes off of the screen. But besides the gruesome, but oddly satisfying scenes, we get to see our two favorite boys attempt to patch up their long-term broken friendship. They may have not fully gone back to being like Batman and Robin, but their newfound common goal (to find the last chimera) has been able to get them ahead of speaking terms.

It is all fun and games until the whole mood changes when bad boy Theo shows up on screen. At this point, the power-seeking chimera has got me questioning everything about myself. Yes, he almost killed Scott and had his pack turn against him, but he’s super built, incredibly handsome, and mysterious (in a good way). Overall this episode has dragged me into an unexpected roller coaster of emotions.

So if you’re looking for an exciting and crazy new show to watch, check out Teen Wolf on MTV, every Tuesday at 9:00. I promise you won’t regret it!  

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