Concussion: The Problem With the NFL

Concussion: The Problem With the NFL

The recent release “Concussion” has a riveting storyline and truly holds its audiences in their seats. But there is something that makes this movie more than sports-drama film. It critiques the culture of America and shares an important message to everyone who watches.


The film stars Will Smith as Dr. Omalu, a coroner who is brought the bodies of dead football players who committed suicide. Through studying the bodies and the brains, he comes to the realization that it was football concussions (and the inevitable brain damage) that lead several players to take their own lives.

“Although I haven’t seen it, it looks interesting and I’m interested,” says Jeremie Mutolo, ’16.

The movie is quite intense, as was expected for an actor like Smith. The lack of any comic relief really emphasizes the dangers that football players are exposed to. It makes the impactful statement that although the sport is a source of entertainment for so many Americans, there are things that go on behind the scenes that are actually quite scary. Some say the controversial film has even changed their views on football. What once seemed like playful competition is now revealed to be linked with darker themes.

But despite its artful and meaningful portrayal of the issue at hand, the movie has yet to pick up steam even after being released over a month ago.

“I never really heard much about it. Maybe the NFL had something to do with it because they’re being criticized in the film,” says Mohammad Islam ’16.

This also brings up an interesting point. How has the NFL handled the release of this film? Not much is known about this, but it is rumored that the scriptwriters purposely left out some of the more gruesome details to avoid any legal conflict with the league. Hopefully, though, the release of a critical film like this will encourage them to do something to promise safety to its players.

The film is overall a great work of cinematography, and everyone should see it, regardless of your interest in the sport.

“I don’t even like football and I thought it was a great movie,” says Hannah Wang ’16.

The movie will have an actual impact on American society and culture, and will go down in history as a great film.

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