Brooklyn Tech Fencing Offseason Update

Fencing is one of the lesser known sports in America but still finds a way to exist at a tech-savvy high school like Brooklyn Tech. PSAL fencing is a team sport that consists of three starters along with subs on the side. Two teams compete against each other to be the first one to score 90 points, and a point is acquired when one fencer touches his opponent.


The season ended on November 5th for the Engineers. They went 9-1 in the regular season but failed to reach the quarterfinals in the playoffs, losing to Staten Island Tech, who placed second overall in the tournament. The disappointing performance in the playoffs, felt even worse considering that the Engineers placed second the year before. Over all tech has been in good shape the past couple of years, winning the division two out of the last four times and never having a losing season. In fact, over the past four years, the Engineers have a winning percentage of 82% with a total of only six losses.


Although, this season hasn’t fulfilled many expectations, Tech will be losing three of their best players. Henry Creech, Justin Mollison and Matthew Nguyen are all graduating at the end of the year and will no longer play for Brooklyn Tech. Along with the three players mentioned; Tech will also be losing seniors Antony Messiana, Ervin Padilla, William Wexler, and Alexander Zilber. Justin Woo, sophomore for the Engineers, says in order for the team to succeed in the future they need to recruit more people to compensate for the key factors that are leaving. He also mentioned that another way for the team to get better, is that players should go to private lessons.


The season does not start up again until the beginning of October, and hopefully the team will have things sorted out by then. Until then, players have trust that head coach, Bert Yagad will be able to sort things out and have the team ready for the start of next season.

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