The Winter Orchestra Concert

If I were to sum up the Brooklyn Tech Orchestra concert, I would say this: the winter orchestra concert clearly displayed the great amount of talent that lies within Brooklyn Tech.

This concert and all other musical venues at Tech break away from the stigma of being solely a STEM school. Despite the countless hours of studying and pressure students are faced with, those in the Orchestra surpass their limits, finding the time, and energy, to create incredible musical productions.

Moving onto the concert itself, something I personally enjoyed very much: the aesthetic. The stage was well lit and matched the emotion of the pieces being played. The members of the Orchestra were in uniform – white dress tops, the classic black bottoms, and black dress shoes. Visually the performance was in union and this allowed for eyes to be only focused on the stage; there was something so pleasing about watching a group of people perform as one.

Audibly, the show was fantastic. All the performers, beginners included, played beautifully in unison. No matter the piece being played, the audience received a powerful force – solid, but alluring. Practice and dedication, through the stress that comes with being a student at Tech, was well-worth it.

Additionally, the performance was filled with a variety of musical pieces ranging from “Ascendance” to “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” The music evoked great emotion and gleeful joy.

The only gripe I had with the show, a very minor one, is that during one of the pieces, orchestra members dressed as the Grinch walked through the aisles of the auditorium throwing candy canes at people. Comical and fun? Yes, although it distracted almost everyone watching.

All in all, the Brooklyn Tech Winter Orchestra Concert was wonderful and a great experience. Tech’s talent reaches far beyond the STEM field and if you hold any doubt in your mind, I recommend you attend one of the Orchestra shows or even the upcoming Chorus Concert.

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