The Best Thrift Store Deals

Looking for a new wardrobe? Need new clothes but simply don’t have the money? Secondhand stores are unrecognized for the many treasures they hold. One can easily go in with a twenty dollar bill and come out with four different items of clothing. From years of visiting dozens of thrift stores throughout the city, I am here to present my personal list of three of the best thrift stores worth visiting.

Cauz for Pawz
Cauz for Pawz, located at 333 1st Avenue between 19th and 20th streets, is a small store that supports a big cause. All purchases made in the store have some of their profits donated to helping animals in need by providing shelters, rescues, and supplies to animal organizations. The store sells a selection of items that aren’t just clothing, and everything that is for sale is reasonably priced. The store also has frequent sales, such as 10% off all jackets or $10 on all shoes. This store especially caters to those in needs of basics and essentials. Not only will you be purchasing clothing for a cheaper price, you will also be supporting a good cause.

Buffalo Exchange
Located in various places around the city across the five boroughs, Buffalo Exchange is a family-owned resale retailer that specializes in high-end donated clothing. The pricing here is a bit more than in many other thrift stores, but a majority of the items that are sold have never been worn or have been gently worn. It is quite easy for shoppers to find name brand items that are no longer sold at retail stores. Everyone can come out of the store with having found something they like amongst the hundreds of accessories and clothing options.

L-Train Vintage
L-Train Vintage, also found in numerous locations, is my personal favorite. With affordable pricing and racks of clothing that seem endless miles, it’s easy to find yourself in the store for over an hour just scouring for the rarest finds. Here, most of the clothing is sold from $5-$8, including lightly-worn flannels that regularly sell for close to $50(L.L. Bean flannels, anyone?). Also, if you’re in the market for an army jacket of any sort, each store has a large selection, typically towards the back or downstairs, of dozens upon dozens of army jackets. Many are around or less than $20. Additionally, all sorts of sweaters are also sold for low prices, including tacky christmas sweaters that are so ugly they’re fashionable, and ones that are just plain adorable. Like Buffalo Exchange, it’s very hard to come out of the store with nothing in your hands, especially when such quality clothing is being sold at such low, affordable prices.

Vintage Flannel Finds Taken by Julia Andresakis ’18

It’s time to get rid of the stigma behind shopping at secondhand stores. One of the best ways to do so is experience it for yourself. The next time you have some money to spend on updating your wardrobe, consider looking into a few thrift stores. Who knows? A thrift store may have an item you were originally planning on purchasing at Urban Outfitters for half the price.

Inspirational Quote:”I like clothes that are simple and preferably cheap unless I’m being given it for free.”- Ben Chaplin


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