Silent Genocides

A few days ago, I overheard two girls in the hallway comparing slavery and the Holocaust. They were comparing the severity of each and which genocide was “worse” in a sense. Personally, I think we shouldn’t be comparing the severity of the two events but I think the comparison of the response by the west is necessary.

It is essential that we talk about the double standards of the west when it comes talking about primarily African genocides to western ones. It is simply impossible to ignore the difference in the way the two are treated. The Holocaust is commemorated every year and millions of reparations were paid to survivors. However, when the topic of slavery in the Americas is brought up, people are often told to “forget about it” and understand that “it’s in the past.” Blacks, to this day, have never been paid any reparations.

If we were to compare the genocide happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Holocaust, we can see that in both situations, millions were systematically killed yet people reacted to both genocides differently. The US was silent as they watched millions of children under the age of 5 die brutally and as they watched millions of women become a victim of rape in central Africa. Since 1996, The US has funded Uganda and Rwanda to drench the Congo in the blood of 6 million victims for their own personal gain.

So many devastating mass murders happen all over the world throughout history yet the west never hears about most of them because it never receives the amount of coverage it deserves. This is not necessarily a race issue because black people were also persecuted in the Holocaust but there is unfairness present in the west’s reaction to different atrocities that needs to be addressed.

Many people will try to devalue my opinion by deeming it as racist but what I am trying to convey is that you can compare the two different reactions from the west which is necessary in evaluating the erasure of the murders of so many innocents but you cannot compare the severity because that actually has very racist and anti-Semitic underlinings. Aqil Arman of BTHS stated that “We need to open the eyes of Americans on what’s going on in the world so they will develop compassion and the want to help others before the world becomes too destroyed to help.” I’m writing this to open the eyes of people who are ignorant to the many genocides that have completely destroyed certain groups of people. Jewish people have faced demonization, stigmas, and racism throughout history and even today and I am not trying to take away from the immense pain that was caused by the Holocaust but I am trying to shed light on other genocides that have had similar effects but have gone un-noticed. Not only is that extremely evil and a violation of human rights but it is unfair and a complete double standard.

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