Facebook Impacts Our Lives More Than We Believe

A large percentage of students in Brooklyn Tech have Facebook accounts. There are countless group chats that each grade and class have. Facebook serves as a connection between students that previous generations have never had. Students are updated about school events, projects, and tests. Facebook has created an accessible option for students in a school of more than 5,000 to be connected.

Even with all of the benefits Facebook offers, many teenagers do not realize how much time they spend daily. It seems that valuable time is wasted as students spend time on Facebook, scrolling through the news feeds that are constantly refreshing with new status updates or photos.

Facebook creates a growing addiction where people feel like they need to check phones. Sometimes, it gets to a point where students spend more time online rather than socialize in real life. Facebook takes away time from doing other things like developing hobbies or spending time with friends and family.

Social media is more than a huge distraction, because students believe that they can multitask successfully while on Facebook. Students think that they can complete homework and projects while checking on new feeds and messaging their friends online. It’s a common misconception that multi-tasking helps with productivity. Multi-tasking actually hinders productivity.

Students tend to have trouble with time management due to distraction from technology. It is easy to spend countless hours scrolling through Facebook. The convenience of pulling out phones while waiting on long lines encourages the use of social media.

Cindy Wu ’18 noted, “Facebook is an easier way for communication, but forces people to present themselves in their best form; which is not who they really are.”

Huzaifa Anas ’17 said, “Facebook is a double edge sword that can bring happiness, sadness, and distractions.”

Also, Facebook has many negative effects on self-esteem.  Facebook is used to celebrate friendship, family, and love. However,  people tend to compare themselves to other and feel inferior. Many question why their lives cannot be the same as another. Social media shouldn’t discourage someone because of another person’s posts.

Facebook critics have called it a ‘false sense of connection’. While Facebook is a social network that connects people from all over the world, it is contrasts largely from face to face interaction. The depictions that most people create are not quite representative of their true characters. Normally, social media users highlight the best of their lives; it leads to a false representation of who a person really is.

Facebook is filled with pictures, statuses, and comments. It is hard to distinguish each person behind a  monitor. It is easy to misconstrue a person’s post and compare it to his/her actual life. The point of social media is that it is not meant to be a realistic representation of people, but rather a form of communication. It is important to be aware of such idealistic fantasies while spending an excessive amount of time on social media.

It seems that many Facebook users are aware of the negative effects of Facebook. However, the billions of users on the website show the how much they depend of the social network in the 21st century.

Inspirational Quote: “Distracted from distraction by distraction”- T. S. Eliot

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