Boys’ Badminton: Season in Review

This year marked great strides made by the Boys Varsity Badminton team. Although, the team put up a fight against Stuyvesant High School in the quarterfinals, they were sadly beaten, but came back home with pride and dignity.

The Boys Varsity Badminton team was the second seed in the South Division with an outstanding record of 10-2. The team’s only two losses came when they played against Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hopefully, that can be changed in the upcoming spring season.

One of team’s most dominant wins came on October 14 where they played against regional rival, John Dewey High School. Here, the team played against another strong team who had an above .500 record. Tech was dominant throughout the game and ended up winning 5-0. It was a remarkable triumph for the team.

The team also played very well against another regional rival, James Madison. Here, they played another strong team in their division. Fortunately, the Brooklyn Tech’s Boys’ Varsity was once again preeminent, winning 4 to 1.

As the regular season concluded, the Boys Varsity Badminton team were able to make it to the NYC Playoffs. They progressed all the way to the quarterfinals where they would lose to Stuyvesant High School, 3-2. The score was very close in that the Brooklyn Tech team had only lost by one match. Brooklyn Tech’s most notable match wins came from both of their Single Matches. Here, Jun Hui Lin won both Sets 1 & 2 consecutively with a score of 21 in each set. Mitchell Liang also played exceptionally in Match 1 with a score of 20, 21, 15 defeating his opponent.

Brian Law, an athlete on the Boys Varsity Badminton team, offered some of his thoughts. He said “If you know you tried hard your best but you still lost; it’s alright, just win next time.” The loss in the quarterfinals can be looked as an inspiration for the team to do better in the upcoming spring season. The team has figured out its strengths and weaknesses and hopefully use what they have learned this season to perform even better in the spring.

All in all, it has been a terrific season for the Boys Varsity Badminton team and hopefully the spring season will even bring out more positive results.

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