Write Away Your Stress

By Julia Andresakis’18

Amongst high school students, stress is no stranger. Stressors are found everywhere. Examples are having a big test coming up, having to think about college, and dealing with issues that arise between friends. Everyone copes with stressful situations differently. Some overeat, others try to ignore the situation, or may even go as far as completely shutting down.  However, a more positive and beneficial way to deal with stress is something everyone can do, no matter where they are or what time of day it is: write!

Writing out problems, to-do lists, and feelings may seem stupid or common sense, but it truly does help cultivate a sense of organization. Additionally, it could be interesting or helpful to be able to look at a situation once put in words and to analyze the feelings that go along with it.

Not big on journals? Paranoid that your nosy sibling will find your diary in your room and mock you for the way that you deal with stress? There are still a tons of way to write without having a physical pen anIMG_1661d paper at your disposal. On most phones, there is an app that allows the user to write down any notes or reminders that they have–perfect for jotting down all your ideas/responsibilities/problems without worrying about anyone wondering what you are doing, as they will assume you are texting. If frantically typing on a train ride or in the middle of the lunchroom isn’t something that sounds appealing, there is still social media! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and nearly every other site actively used by teenagers has settings that allow only the publisher to view the statuses or updates that they post. For example, having a protected Twitter account with only five followers for example, may be helpful if you know that all your thoughts will be heard and validated. Posting, “Oh man, I just bombed my math test. Why am I such a failure in life?” and having someone else say, “That sucks. Want to talk about it?” could immensely help. Now, your frustrations have been heard and someone is offering their support. Even if you would prefer that nobody ever read your thoughts,  a heavy weight can be lifted off your shoulders when you are able to see them put into words. So go on, write away your stress until you forget all about that failed math test.

Inspirational Quote: “Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.”- Ayn Rand

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