Obama’s Daughter Joins the College Frenzy

by Sadmanul Islam
The President’s daughter Malia Obama, now in her senior year, was spotted in several Ivy League campuses during the summer. She was accompanied by her father and several secret service agents. Her college search has recently caught the attention of many and attracted social media buzz as she visited some of the most prestigious college campuses in America, including Harvard, Princeton and Brown University. She was also named one of the “Most Influential Teens of 2015” by Time magazine for being a cultural icon.

Although many people don’t have strong opinions against her, many are concerned about how her father’s position would weigh in on her admission. Many people say that the universities shouldn’t consider her status because it would be unfair to other students. However, a practice like this is common with many Ivy-League universities. Many accept a student if his or her parents were alumni or if the parents donated a significant sum of money to the school.

Mr. Samir Hassan, a biology teacher at Tech, states that, “That’s not how it should be, but it is what it is. It’s nothing new as wealthier students with powerful parents almost always end up in better colleges than students with a lower household income despite higher grades.”

In Brooklyn Tech, there are mixed feelings about how the position of an applicant’s parents should affect the applicant’s decision into a respectable school. Some argue against Malia saying that the admissions would be losing focus on her because they are too focused on the parents.

Isaac Anzures ’17 agrees when he explains, “It’s not the 1700’s anymore, our system is [dictated by] a meritocracy and admissions shouldn’t consider the parents.”

However, there are people who think that Malia Obama’s advantage is fair. According to some people, her father’s position can build on to her knowledge and experiences as she has constant exposure to politics and highly educated individuals.

Mrs. Patricia Quilliam, states that, “Who she is has bearing, and the university can brag about having the President’s Daughter study there. Money is not an issue for her, but if she doesn’t have the grades, the college will not accept her.”

Sean Brunstein ’17 elaborates “It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Students who have a parent in higher position would generally be raised better and they tend to be more successful.”

Matt Grin ’16 agrees. “The children of politicians definitely benefit from their parents’ position because they get an inside view about how the government actually works.”

Malia Obama has certainly been building a good application with her reported internship at HBO’s show, Girls, and her volunteer activities. Along with her exposure to politics, her chance of getting into a great college is a good one.


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