How to Become a Happier Person

Photographed by Allen Karimov ’17

By Bing Chen ’17

There is no secret to happiness, but there are small things you can do to become happier. It is easier to be negative as a result of all the stress of being a student and a teenager. Happiness is something that everyone wants to achieve and you can do so by making slight changes in how you deal with the issues that come your way.

Being grateful is the first step to becoming happier. Being thankful puts everything into perspective. Start off the day by reminding yourself what you are grateful for and you won’t think about the things that you believe that you lack. You will also feel more gracious when you are kind to others and give back to the community. Remember that gratitude is a choice.

Don’t compare yourself to others.
It is great to be challenged to do your best when motivated by your fellow students. However, comparing yourself to others causes unnecessary feelings of envy and sadness. Instead, find inspiration in others. Social media can cause a lot of the anxiety and can be depressing when you feel like you are missing out. Try to cut life things that cause negative feelings out of your life.

Avoid complaining.
It’s easy to complain and most of the time we don’t realize that we are complaining. Complaining to our friends about grades and homework has become a ritual. All the complaining can be detrimental and harmful to our bodies. The constant negative energy has no benefits because complaining solves nothing.

Be Optimistic.
Even if nothing is going your way, try to think of positive things that will happen. Life is full of ups and downs and there is always something good that will result from something bad. It’s easy to be pessimistic and expect the worst. Don’t get disappointed, but challenge yourself to look on the bright side.

Try new things and get out of your comfort zone.
Find something you enjoy doing and continue to challenge yourself. Challenging yourself will push yourself  to adapt and to find new ways to solve problems. If you don’t challenge yours, you will find yourself in a dull routine that you repeat without a purpose.

Stop being so hard on yourself.
The first steps to becoming a happier person is feeling good about yourself. It’s okay to have high standards for yourself, but don’t be too hard on yourself when you do make mistakes because you can be your worst critic.

Happiness is not the same for everyone. Everyone has something that makes them happy. Students in Tech have various things that make them happy. Ivy Zhang ’17 said that “dessert makes her happy” and Angela Xie ’18 said that it makes her happy “when people laugh at her jokes”. It’s important to find that thing that brings you joy. Make collages about things that make you happy. Listen to music that makes you happy. Read inspirational quotes, blogs, and books. Most importantly, surround yourself with positivity.
Inspirational Quote: “You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down” -Charles Chaplin

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