How Technology Affects Our Stress Levels

By Alex Chan ’18 and Saurav Hossain ‘18

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.31.31 PMFrom computers to handheld devices,dependence on technology has heightened significantly; the use of technology almost as essential as the air we breathe in. Many students responded to how technology has affected their lives.

Meiqe He ‘18 said, “I’m dependent upon technology like computers and my phone, because they aid completing homework and research more easy. This applies to the  socializing aspect too.”

Emily Wu ‘18 noted, “I’m very dependent on my phone and computer, but mostly on my phone. It is my connection to other people and connection to information that I need. It also serves as a source of entertainment.”

“I’m quite dependent on technology due to the fact that it makes any task simpler and less of a hassle to deal with. For example, having a phone allows one to talk to another instead of going to talk to them in person” said Rashidul Islam ‘17.

Technology, although it is used by many, isn’t quite acknowledged as a key stressor. Technology is credited as one of the biggest reason for stress. It leads to massive procrastination and prolonged distraction.

“Technology causes stress when I’m playing games too much. I am unaware of the time and therefore I forget about my homework” said Meiqe.

“Although it is great, technology can induce stress, particularly in terms of socializing. With a phone in almost everyone’s pocket, one would be expected to keep connected to everyone” stated Rashidul.

Photographed by Arseniy Dmitriev ’17

So we’ve seen how depending on technology can induce stress, but what about the other side of the story? Technology in can relieve stress in certain situations. For example, social media which plays a large part of everyone’s day offers many benefits. It allows us to communicate with friends and share our many qualms. Social networks such as Facebook or Youtube serve as sources of aid. The interdependent social networking community always has advice to offer. There other technologies that allow us to release stress. Photographers find joy in taking photos and reminiscing through shots. Arseniy Dmitriev ’17 noted, “When I lift the camera to my eye, it’s just me and the frame, and it’s like I transport myself into another world with every photo.” Others are passionate about the way certain mechanisms function such as the airplanes. Use of technology may reduce the user’s stress levels. Technology has affected everyone’s lives both negatively and positively.

Inspirational Quote: “Technology… is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” -Carrie Snow



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