Guest Column: Rina Liang ’12

Many people can’t wait to get out of high school.

In fact, I was one of those people.

However, now that I’m in college with my high school years firmly tucked behind me, I can’t help but reflect over those years that some people take for granted.

Brooklyn Tech sets the foundation for success for all its students who so choose to pursue it. During my time at Tech, the school had presented me with many interesting and engaging opportunities which made my high school experience all the more memorable.

I was very ambitious at Tech. I took many honors and Advanced Placement courses; I was an active member of Key Club, UNICEF Club, and NHS; I was in Chorus; I was part of the cast of the school play…the list goes on. I loved that I was able to take part in all these activities—it was so much fun! It definitely broadened my interests and gave me a sense of what more I wished to learn and the type of person I wanted to become. I also gained better time management and organization skills. Through these activities and classes, I met the most amazing people, many of whom are still my closest friends to this day.

Tech is also where I found out what I wanted to pursue in college. I was a Biological Sciences Major, and this greatly stimulated my interest in medicine. After Tech, I’ve become more passionate about the field, and as a current college student, I am actively pursuing this passion to become a doctor. I was lucky to be under the tutelage of great teachers at Tech who encouraged and guided me throughout my high school journey.

To current and future Technites, remember that Tech is what you make of it. Take these four years to learn new things, try new clubs, meet new people, and find your interests and passions. Study for exams but don’t stress out! Lastly, make sure to have fun—it’s high school!

Rina Liang

Class of 2012

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