Entrepreneur, Friend, and Artist: An Interview with Sami Patwary

By Peter Roslovich

With the ease of use and accessibility that digital cameras and phones have provided us within the last decade, it can be easy to forget the true emotional power that the little dots on the top of our phones have. I sat down with Sami Patwary ‘17, the owner of Sami Patwary Photography, to get a better grasp at the power of the camera and the artistry of the photographer.

Do you consider what you do to be art?

“Yes, a subjective art. It’s very similar to painting a picture. Just like a picture, what you as a viewer have to do is interpret the photograph from the photographer’s viewpoint. There are rules that should be followed, but what is beautiful about photography is that these rules don’t need to be followed.”

How did you get involved with photography?

“I always had an interest in photography. I would always take pictures with my friends’ cameras and loved to be photographed myself. It was my friend, Becky Jiang ’17, that really influenced me and got me to buy a camera and start taking pictures myself.”

Does Sami Patwary Photography have a mission statement?

“To try and get people to start in the art. It might seem a bit greedy for me to ask for a price on this, but I am offering a skill and I think I deserve to make a profit for that.”

What does Photography mean for you?

“I see the camera as a brain and the lens as eyes. The process of seeing is simply repeated with a camera. For example, I will look at the fence then I will align the camera to replicate the scene I had just seen with my eyes and I will try to make the photography capture the emotion I had when I first looked at the fence. Essentially, I don’t see a fence, but an opportunity for a picture. Photography opened my mind to how beautiful the world is. I hope that what I do will help people truly see the world around them and will help them think for themselves.”

If you would like to learn more about Sami, his business, or to get a photo shoot; like his Facebook page: Sami Patwary Photography.

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