Do Video Games Affect Our Lives Negatively or Positively?

By Winfred Lin ’18 and Jeffrey Zhong ’18

You hear your brother, in the other room, screaming, cursing, and yelling at nobody. Your mom sighs and says to you “this is why you shouldn’t play games. They turn you into negative people.” However, is that statement actually true? Does playing video games such as League of Legends, really have a negative influence like most people believe or can it be beneficial in some way?

To start off, let’s go over some negative effects. There are several ways a person can pick up negative or aggressive behaviors. A person may be influenced negatively by other people who may be chatting and using offensive language or profanity. They could also be flustered or agitated by the game due to poor performance. Those who are agitated, express their anger in different ways. They may even be influenced by the game’s content of gore or violence. Studies show that video games that are addictive, can lead to isolated social life and a general decrease in academic focus. However, there is not enough evidence to make a conclusive statement about the effects of playing games. Insight from League players themselves reveals how they feel about the game.

“League is a game where the players should be gunned down like the degenerate they are.You play games for fun winning or losing doesn’t matter, but league players don’t get that” said Johhny Guo ‘18.

A major conflict that League creates for students is the balance between time and work.

League takes up a lot of time since one game lasts a minimum of 20 minutes. The game affects my sleep and study time” said Jeffrey Chen ‘18.

Although there are some negative effects of playing games such as League, there are numerous benefits. It can help reduce stress by providing entertainment from a stressful day. Playing games can increase your multi-tasking skills such as: focusing on what’s happening in front of the player and surroundings and making quick decisions based on your judgments and resources that you have at the moment. It can improve your hand eye coordination, as well as sharpen your reaction times. As time progresses, it gets  easier for the players to improve for hand eye coordination, which in return aids adaptation to a sudden changes in surroundings.

Tony Chen ‘18 noted, “I feel great when winning and after losing I feel like I can do better. League is a game of skill, and sometimes I stay up to finish a promo and it keeps me ‘alive’ and thinking.”

Despite the negative effects of gaming, it provides students with a way to escape reality and forget about worries.

Inspirational Quote: “Beware of a man with nothing to lose.”- Varus

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