Converse Vs. Vans

By Lobsang Dolma ’18
Someone once said, “Good shoes take you good places.” In modern society, this couldn’t be any more true. Shoes have evolved beyond protection and comfort. They vary in style and cost, and there are many aspects to consider while buying a pair of shoes. Are the shoes comfortable? Will they match your outfits?  Of course there are a myriad of options out there, but
image-2what if you are trying to choose between two very similar brands? Most people find Converse and Vans comparable.

Converse shoes were created by Marquis Mills Converse in Massachusetts. It was originally meant to mimic galoshes which protect real shoes underneath. Then, they made sneakers designed for playing basketball which were called “All Stars”, promoted by Chuck Taylor. However, people choose to wear them casually. Today, over 60% of the country either owns a pair of Converse, or once owned a pair in the past. Ayla ’18, a supporter of Converse, notes that, “Vans are the wannabe Converse.”

imageVans was opened by Paul Van Doren and three other partners in California. The Vans company started production later than Converse. Most of the people who wore Vans were skateboarders. Around the 1980s, they started expanding their company and created shoes for more sports. This shoe soon became competitive with Converse. Sidratul Muntaha ’18 said “I like the style of Vans and for me, they’re more comfortable. Also I think there is a wider variety of styles available for Vans. Converse has different colors but same style most of the time.”

Both Converse and Vans offer customization on their websites. Vans also offer customizable hats and bags on the website. Typically, Converse shoes costs more than Vans shoes due to the iconic Chuck Taylor signature. Both shoes have solid and neutral shades which go with many ensembles. Many people find that they particularly look nice with shorts or skirts. It is quite easy to say that there will continue to be people sporting both Converse and Vans. No matter the logos or price of either one, the decision to choose the favored brand ultimately depends on the individual. Some people have no preference and like both brands. Simran Ghotra ’18 noted, “The similarities between the two are abundant, and both are seen as a classic tie together for most casual outfit and some dressy ones. Both shoes have all that are in a good shoe, from versatile use, to good reputation with the fashion world and companies, even stretching to each having a sturdy structure, making the shoe a practical, often easily purchasable and modern-day, forever trendy necessity in closets.” Even if you don’t like these particular shoes, it is important to find any good pair of shoes to make memories in.

Inspirational Quote: ” I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.”- Oprah Winfrey

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