Wicked Halloween Treats

By Ashley Chan

Sweets and treats are must-haves now that October 31st is getting closer.

Here are some spooky snacks to share with your friends and family:

Bat Creepies

What You’ll Need

  • 6 cups of Rice Krispies cereal
  • 10 ounces of mini marshmallows
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 1 container brown food coloring
  • 1 container green food coloring
  • 1 bag of orange jelly beans
  • 1 bag of black candy melts
  • 1 container of white frosting
  • 1 bat cookie cutter
  • cooking spray
  • 1 glass pan


  1. Turn your stove to medium heat, add the butter, marshmallows into a large pot and stir until it’s a thick smooth consistency. Once, the marshmallow mixture is completely melted, add 3 drops of green food coloring and 1 drop of  brown food coloring for that perfect haunting color.
  2. Remove your pot from the stove and add in the Rice Krispies. Fold them in, until they are thoroughly combined
  3. Spray your glass pan lightly with the cooking spray and then scoop in the warm, sticky mixture into it. Smooth out your Rice Krispies with a spatula or a large spoon. (*Tip: Use a sheet of wax paper to make a smooth surface, easy for cutting.*)
  4. Let the Rice Krispies set, and when it’s fully cooled, take it out of the pan. Cut as many bats as possible with the cookie cutter.
  5. For decoration, cut up the orange jelly beans to make eyes, microwave the bag of candy melts and make pupils, and mouths for your bat treats and using the white frosting, draw some fangs on your creature.

Pumpkin Pretzels

What You’ll Need

  • A bag of orange candy melts
  • Green M&Ms
  • Mini pretzels
  • 1 Squeeze bottle


  1. Microwave your bag of orange candy melts.
  2. Dip your mini pretzels into the mixture. Make sure to cover the pretzel entirely.
  3. Using a fork, carefully transfer the dipped chocolate treat on a sheet of wax paper to set. Do the same for as many mini pretzels you want.
  4. Take the green M&Ms and place them on the top of the pretzel, where the indent is to make the stem of the pumpkin pretzel.
  5. Pour in the remaining candy melts mixture into the squeeze bottle and fill in the holes of the pretzel to complete the treat.
  6. Leave the pretzels to dry and once the chocolate hardens, they are ready to serve and eat.

Halloween Cake Pops:

What You’ll Need

  • Food Processor
  • Leftover pre-made cake
  • Large bowl
  • One quarter cup of frosting
  • Ice-cream scooper
  • Cake Pop sticks
  • Ez Thins or canola oil
  • Green M&Ms
  • Jumbo bone sprinkles
  • 1 bag of white candy melts (for ghost cake pops)
  • 1 bag of orange candy melts (for pumpkin cake pops)
  • 1 bag of green candy melts (for Frankenstein cake pops)
  1. Slowly add the leftover cake into the food processor to make fine crumbs.
  2. Add the crumbs into the large bowl and add the frosting. Knead the ingredients until you get a smooth cake-pop dough.
  3. Use the ice cream scooper for even amounts of cake pop dough. Put the dough onto a wax paper sheet. Roll the dough into balls and then into desired shapes.
    1. For a ghost or a Frankenstein cake pop, roll the dough into a cylindrical shape.
    2. For a pumpkin cake pop, roll the dough into an oval shape.
  4. Refrigerate the cake pops for 15 minutes.
  5. Microwave the different colored candy melts into different bowls. Add in a spoonful of the EZ Thins or canola oil. Stir the mixture.
  6. Dip the tips of your cake pop sticks into the candy melt mixture and stick them into the cake pops.
  7. Once the dough is secured onto the stick, dip your cake pop into the candy melts. Drip the excess chocolate by gently tapping the pops.
  8. For the pumpkin cake pops, add the green M&M on top as a stem.
  9. For the Frankenstein cake pops, dip one-third of the already green pop into the black candy melt mixture. This will be the hair. Finally, stick the bone sprinkles into the sides to complete the creepy treat.
  10. Using the leftover black candy melts, make facial features on the three different cake pops. Be creative!
  11. Once you’re done decorating, let the cake pops stand up right for the chocolate to set.
  12. Enjoy your evil-licious creations!

Make these with friends, serve them at costume parties, or eat them alone. These Halloween inspired treats are great for any occasion!

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