Lifestyle and Fashion in the Empire State of Mind Introduction


By Jasmin Wang

The Lifestyle Section welcomes all newcomers to explore the Survey page. This year, there will be an extensive collection of different topics being covered. There will be articles dealing with emotional, physical, and physiological topics relating to our daily lives. As teenagers, we are faced with many hardships. This includes balancing academics with extracurriculars. There are many times when we feel defeated and aren’t able to communicate our thoughts to others. The point of this section is to encourage all readers. These articles are meant for the readers to apply anything they find helpful into their personal lives.

Interests will also be featured in this section. This includes fashion, exercise, cooking, etc. These interests will add to the list of things that keep us smiling throughout the day and living in a stress free environment. High school is indeed a stressful and claustrophobic environment, but our interests keep us motivated. For many, it’s socializing with friends during our free time. For others, it’s playing sports or joining clubs. Articles written about various interests might spark an interest for readers. There will be many healthy habits and inspirations that readers will be able to incorporate into their lives.

The lifestyle we have currently isn’t perfect nor is it permanent. We are able to improve it whether it is eating healthier, having a positive outlook on life, or staying motivated during stressful situations. High school is a time where we try to learn about ourselves and what we truly value. It may not seem like it, but we are in control of what goes on in our bodies and minds. We shouldn’t let negative thoughts disparage our well being. Step by step, we can make ourselves happier by improving our lifestyle. This section requires tons of feedback so that we can address any questions and recommendations the readers address in future articles.


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