Jansport vs. Herschel Backpacks

By Stephanie Mach’18

Jansport or Herschel? “As we w12185386_1098032286907600_4456543946804558798_oalk through the school hallways, we see many popular brand named school bags strapped on the backs of students and teachers. Herschel has only recently grown in popularity among students while Jansport has been around for quite sometime. These rivaling companies are both set to satisfy the  users. However, each brand has focused and prioritized on different aspects that can make one student favor one from the other” said Kimberly Fong’ 18


The Jansport has many features that students strongly value. Jansport bags are known for their durability and long lasting quality. Their bags include a sturdy 600-denier polyester construction. “I’ve had my Jansport for three years in counting and it’s still going strong,” said Jasmine Lee ‘18. On the other hand, Herschel bags are known for better comfort due to air mesh straps increasing airflow. The Jansport bags do not have this feature. They are lined with lightly padded straight cut straps.


Both brands have various styles that price at a certain range. The classic Superbreak Backpack from Jansport is priced at $38. Other bags made by Jansport are generally within low price ranges. Meanwhile, the classic Heritage Backpack by Herschel is priced at $55. Additionally, some of their backpacks can price up to $170. Jansport proves to be the more affordable option in comparison to Herschel.


Jansport offers free shipping for all orders and a lifetime warranty for purchase of bags. Herschel on the other hand, can only replace or fix bags if there are immediate defects within a year timeframe of purchase.


Comparing the Jasnport and Herschel classic bag styles, there is a difference in how much each bag can hold. The Jansport Superbreak Backpack’s dimensions are 17 in x 11in x 8.5 while the Herschel Heritage bag’s dimensions are 18in x 13 in x 5.5 in. The Superbreak is wider, allowing more items to fit. The Heritage is longer and wider, allowing larger objects to fit.


The Jansport bags tend to have very simple,plain designs. The bags are made with primarily solid colored exteriors featuring the trademark logo. Herschel focuses more on the aesthetics of their bags. The bags have thick cotton canvas exteriors in a variety of designs with their signature red and white striped lines interior. The physical appearance of the bags is Herschel’s priority. Many students and teachers prefer Herschel bags for its stylish appearance. “ I appreciate how my Herschel does not sag at the bottom like how Jansport bags do when filled with a heavy load,” said Joyin Wong ‘18. Overall, Jansports have a basic appearance while the Herschel bags have more trendy models.

In conclusion, each brand has benefits and drawbacks. Both brands are equal rivals and really come down to what an individual is looking for in a bag. Jansport bags gear more towards student looking for cheaper prices and durability. Herschel bags gear towards students who look for more style and comfort in their bookbags.




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