Healthy Eating Habits

By Bing Chen’ 17

Now is the time to start thinking about eating healthier. It can be hard to eat healthy when we are constantly surrounded by processed foods, but there are many different ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle without these junk foods.

Eating healthy is neither complicated nor hard when we learn to make some changes to our diet. “It may be hard at first, but with any changes in life it just takes time to get used to. Eating healthy is not easy all the time especially when you’re a student, but it only takes a few adjustments to your diet and is worth the effort” said Amy Liu’17.

Tips for eating healthier:


  1. Avoid snacking on cookies, chips, and candy as a source of energy or feeling ‘full’. These snacks are full of empty calories and provide no nutritional value. Instead, try snacking on fruits, nuts, and seeds. Cashews, almonds, and sunflower seeds are examples of superfoods that provide brain fuel and antioxidants.image
  2. Avoid sodas and drinks full of sugar. If you are someone who habitually drinks vitamin water, soda, or juice, it’s to time to cut them out of your diet. It’s a known fact that these beverages are full of sugar and contain no benefits for the body. It will be a big change, but just start with replacing a beverage with water once a week. Then, replace all beverages with water. If you are looking for flavor, try adding lemon slices to water or making your own smoothies and juices.
  3. During lunch, the cafeteria has salad stations stocked with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables. Try incorporating these vegetables into your diet. It is important to add a decent amount of vegetable serving. If you are not the biggest fans of vegetables, start small and incorporate veggies into your diet at least once every day. You can also try making your own salads or making a small sandwich with vegetables. Vegetables may be intimidating, but is an essential part of our diets.image-2
  4. Maximize the amount of food intake during breakfast. It is not recommended to just eat a granola bar for breakfast. Instead, eat some fruit or oatmeal if possible.. Breakfast is important to start the day off, and what you eat is important. Sugary cereal is not a good breakfast, and since there are so many varieties of cereal, it won’t be hard to find a healthier alternative.


Another great way to obtain a healthy lifestyle is learning how to cook your own food. Cooking will allow you to incorporate vegetables in your diet and help you avoid the greasy, oily take-out and fast food restaurants. Cooking yourself means that you can actually control what goes into your food.

Try making your own lunch if you always buy something from the Deli. There are not that many options and it may be not very healthy to eat a bacon egg and cheese sandwich everyday with Arizona. There are so many lunch ideas on the internet, and they can be very simple and quick to make. If you don’t like school lunch, then you should bring your own lunch because skipping meals is never a good idea and may affect fluctuating energy levels throughout the day.

Most importantly, don’t diet or starve yourself to lose weight. Eating healthy is not about starving yourself; it is about cutting out junk food and adding nutritious foods into your diet.

Eating junk food once in awhile is not the end of the world because we’re human; we have these cravings we just can’t help but give into. However, it is crucial that we learn to find a balance between living healthily and happily.

Inspirational Quote: “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”- Mark Twain

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