Halloween 2015: This Year’s Top Five Costumes

By Peter Roslovich

It is Halloween, and we not only celebrate the spooky and the scary, but what is relevant this year in American culture. Thanks to Google we can now see what the top five most popular Halloween costumes are this year. So join me on a journey as we go through the visualization of American Pop-Culture this Halloween.


5) Batman

Batman has become the quintessential superhero since his whole dynamic was changed in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and popularized further in Christopher Nolan’sScreen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.54.30 AM 2007 The Dark Knight. What was previously seen with superheroes such as Superman were light-­hearted, somewhat campy and all around good characters, but Batman was transformed into

a dark, brooding, almost anti-­hero who probably had as many problems as the people he was trying to stop! Although, this was nothing new in comic books it was something new to the film industry, which is considered to be far more mainstream than the comic book industry. Batman revolutionized the ideal superhero, becoming the face of a new group of super anti-heroes. His dark, brooding image is one of the first things we think of when we think “awesome,” leading to his success as a costume this year.


4) Pirate

A pirate costume is certainly odder than most of the other costumes on the list, especially since pirates haven’t been part of the public eye since Pirates Of the Caribbean or Assassin’s Creed IV. I would argue, however that

the pirate costume is not part of popular culture but a part of Halloween culture. The pirate costume is similar to the cowboy and the princess costume in that it is one of the things we pretend to be when we were kids. For Example, you see kids saying, “Argh, I’m a pirate” not “I’m the Captain Now.” The pirate is not part of what is relevant now, but is a timeless costume that lives on in the hearts and minds of children.


3) Superhero

This is not a very surprising one. Whether it is an anti­hero like Batman or a witty hero like Iron Man , the public loves superheroes. Since the mass success of 2008’s Iron Man, there has been an influx of superhero films, almost all of which have been well-made enough to satisfy the public’s need and have them coming for more. So it is not shocking that this public trend reflects on Halloween.

2) Star Wars

With a new trilogy, spinoff films, video games and animated series all in the works, there is no better time to be a Star Wars fan. Since Disney bought out Lucasfilm in 2012, they have started to put the franchise to work and only now are we starting to see it come to fruition. So of course we would want to reflect our excitement in our Halloween costumes!




1) Harley Quinn

The top costume this year has many people saying “huh?” Harley Quinn has always been a very popular character in the world of comics, television, and video games. Her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series as The Joker’s girlfriend earned her praise as one of the best characters in the T.V show. Her character was put into the comics because of her budding popularity. Many attribute the trend of her costume to be because of her film debut in the upcoming Suicide Squad, and her prominent role in the trailer. However, is this enough to make her surpass Star Wars and Batman to become number 1? Perhaps, it is just something new and exciting for the public to begin wearing. Either way, chances are you’ll be seeing a couple of Harley Quinns around town.

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