Bold Predictions for the Knicks this Upcoming 2016 NBA Season

By Aman Kaiyum

09ARATONweb1-master675After a disappointing season this year, many New York Knicks fans were left in dismay at what was evident to be game after game of horrendous performances.

With key additions to their roster, including Aaron Afflalo, Robin Lopez, and Derrick Williams, do the Knicks have any hopes of making the playoffs this year? The situation seems to be looking up for the Knicks, as they’ve started off the preseason with a statement of going 4-0. Although the team did perform well despite having its star players Carmelo Anthony and Robin Lopez sitting out, the Kicks ended up losing in a narrow defeat to Charlotte. Thus, the bigger question is how will the Knicks stack up against other teams during the regular season?

Judging from how the Knicks have been playing so far, I’d say that they’re definitely putting up a fight. joe-johnson-carmelo-anthony-nba-brooklyn-nets-new-york-knicks-850x560It’s tough to say what their chances are of making the playoffs due to the strong competition presented in the western conference. Last year, the Knicks allowed 101.2 points per game, but only scored 91.9 points of those points. Despite the poor turnout from last year, the Knicks seem to be more capable this year and may manage to make it into the 8th seed to secure a playoff spot. Michael Moy ’18 says, “I think that the Knicks will surely perform better this year since you really can’t get any worse than being the 29th seed.” After going 17-65 last year, their performance has certainly lowered many people’s expectations for them this year, but I feel that they will pull through and be the team to see at MSG.

According to the New York Post, Carmelo Anthony feels like this will be a big year for him and the Knicks While I agree that Anthony will perform well, I have less faith in how the Knicks will perform as a team. Anthony has proven himself as a skilled basketball player throughout the years, but the lack of teamwork among the Knicks could torpedo their victory.

With new additions to the team such as the 7’2″ Latvian rookie, Kristaps Porzingis, the Knicks have improved in rebounding and defending, but I highly doubt that the Kicks will secure a championship any time soon.


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