Celebrities: Gods of Fashion?

By Lucas Ardon

Though many people follow celebrity fashion at events like the red carpet, casual fashion, particularly street wear style (commonly worn by rappers) has started to blow up. You can even see it all around Tech. Chances are that if you go to Tech, you’ve heard of or seen people wearing Bape, Supreme, and other exclusive street wear brands.

Where this trend came from is pretty easy to see. Rappers like Kanye West and the Flatbush Zombies have worn these brands for years now. Having a popular name with massive following and support behind them truly brings some unexpected fashion out to the forefront. Sneakers branded with Kanye West’s name have been known to sell out in mere seconds online and are resold for more even more for a price of $1K. While the brands have mostly all been around since the 90s, it is the recent exposure through music videos and being visibly donned by famous people in public that have made them increasingly popular in the eyes of teenagers.

“I think its pretty cool, even if it is expensive,” says Cecilia ’16. In spite of this, while the scene has its die-hard fans, there are people at Tech who are less welcoming. “It’s dumb, why would you spend so much for something that doesn’t look that cool?” says Alison ’18.  The other common criticism of the style is a matter of originality or lack thereof. “Why dress like someone else, you should dress how you dress, and not copy someone else,” says Nooa’17. While the scene, its fans, the style, and its stars can all be seen however one wishes, street wear is clearly on the rise of popularity and becoming more mainstream everyday.

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