Reaching Out With Tech’s Music

by Lobsang Dolma

The Music show on April 30 was one of the most heartwarming events of the year. The show’s main purpose was to commemorate the death of a very influential and beloved person of the school: Mrs. Loren Hall. The chorus, orchestra, and band teamed up for this special performance along with individual or other group performers of the school.

The performances Tech at its musical high point with all performers showcasing their skills and passion for music. The audience especially could tell that the performers had practiced hard for that moment. The violinists played each note perfectly in tune, the cellists were loud and clear, and the pianists were amazing. As for the chorus, each group of singers brought a different vibe on the stage and sang in great harmony. The band created a light-hearted and energizing feeling with its upbeat music.

All of the songs played were great with notable standouts being “Pachelbel’s Cannon in D” performed by the orchestra, the “Only Exception” Paramore cover, and “The Pursuit” musical performance which engaged the audience and got everyone clapping.

Somrom Ghotra ‘18 said, “Their talent filled the humble auditorium to the brim, its essence was so heavily present, I sat and basked in my own sadness and lack of skill for more than half the show.” Many others voiced a mutual belief that the show was an emotional and touching tribute to a teacher who affected many students of Tech.

The speech given by Mrs.Loren Hall’s mother was also a significant part of the entire event. So dear Mrs. Hall, you are greatly missed and will never be forgotten. Sincerely, Brooklyn Tech.

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