Tech’s Spring Choral Concert

On May 28, 2015 the last choral concert of the year took place. All five choirs sang beautifully. I believe everyone was anticipating for this performance more than usual. It’s the last performance of the year hence something they have been waiting for this entire year and it’s around the time of testing, but their performances made it worth coming home later than usual. 

For this concert, the Women’s Choir opened. From the four songs they sang I think they did the best job on “I Dreamed A Dream”. I think it was a good choice for them to start with this song because it already created a good first impression. The song in general was beautiful and the choir preserved the beauty. The audience could see the performers intently following the directions of the conductor by her gestures and they always remained at the same tempo throughout this piece. 

 The Freshman Choir might be new to performing but they still gave one of the best performances of the show. My favorite from this choir has to be “A Whole New World,” and the audience obviously had a similar reaction. 

 The Chamber Choir had some quite memorable pieces. For this choir the songs that were rememberable and my favorites were “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” and “Dwijivanthi.” The first song had four soloists which at that time was one of the most soloists in a performance but their voices still worked in harmony was each other’s and they created a great show. For the second song, I like the entire aesthetics of the stage because it wasn’t crowded and the girls wore pretty necklaces. I also think they had a picked a good song because since it was in a foreign language it shows that they put that much more effort into the song to memorize the lines. I also feel that songs like this and the one sang by Mixed Choir is a nice way of involving other cultures into the performances.

 After the intermission the performances always get more heated and exciting. My personal favorite would be “21 Guns” because that is a really good song in general and the choir made it even better. Although, I believe “Circle Of Life” was more memorable and fascinating to the audience since that performance in particular received so much applaud.

 The Festival Choir makes everything upbeat. I think it is arguable that “Uptown Funk” was the best piece of theirs. It got everyone in the audience singing and moving by watching the performers on stage dancing.

 Of course the pianist deserves recognition for her work in the show. She never faltered and she probably had to learn to perform more songs than any of the other performers, except for the conductor.

 Since it was the last performance from the Chorus that we will be receiving this year, they had a speech at the end by the seniors with some flowers dedicated to their teachers and everyone who worked for the show. That was a nice gesture and it was heartbreaking to see some of them crying because that’s going to be everyone of us in a few years.

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