Will Hillary Finally Get Her Chance?

By Tahmid Ahmed

When looking back at the past 44 presidents, there’s only one thing all had in common—all were males.

However, this could change if Hillary Clinton steps into the White House. In 2010, she ran for president and came short to Obama. However, the 2016 election might finally be her opportunity to become the official candidate for the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton has already left a legacy in American politics. She has strengthened our relationships with other countries, and, as Secretary of State, she has visited 112 countries to better America’s reputation around the globe.

In addition, she created the Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative to help economically weaker nations form stronger agricultural systems.

And let’s not forget her influence on healthcare reform. She organized the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, where many children are being supported when their parents are unable to pay for insurance, and she promoted immunization against childhood diseases.

If Hillary does become president, it could signal a new era for women’s rights.

It might help to break the glass ceiling and allow women to take on top positions that have traditionally been reserved for men. She would be the beacon of inspiration women need to work their way up the socioeconomic ladder.

If she succeeds, more women will try to run for senators and secretaries and other political positions. Congress is male dominated and women are currently the largest underrepresented demographic in government.

Plus, decision-making could take a new turn and allow more voices to be heard.

Maggie Chen’ 15 says, “If Hillary Clinton became the first woman President of the United States, the country will probably have more gender equality.”

Hillary Clinton serves as an inspiration to many and if she does become the president, it will truly be a historical moment.

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