Jon Stewart’s Farewell to The Daily Show

By Tahmid Ahmed

Jon Stewart was a hilarious talk show host who got it just right on all of his episodes. He introduced the genre of fake news and will retire as the king of fake news.

Stewart is a true comedian. He knows what he is talking about, and he’s never afraid to share his opinions, no matter what they are.

But now he’s leaving. Who’s going to mock Fox News now?

Fox News is notorious for having a conservative perspective and being inaccurate in their reporting of facts. They always disagree with Obama’s actions and look at one side of the political spectrum. It was Jon Stewart that exposed the absurdity and stupidity of this news outlet.

Many argue that Jon Stewart is defensive only toward his views, but, although he is a liberal, he comments on the flaws the Democrats as well as the Republicans. Thus, he appealed to many with his candid and hilarious reporting.

Stewart departs from the Daily Show later this year, and he will be dearly missed.

“John Stewart was an incredible mind, and a very funny writer. I watched him as often as I could, and I’m sad to see him leave,” says Maceo Thompson ‘18.

Political satire may not be as popular now.

Stephen Colbert, host of the Colbert Report, has agreed to take over The Late Show and many question how he will translate his political jokes to a show that doesn’t associate much with today’s news.

But hey, this is Stephen Colbert: he is probably the only person who could achieve this feat. In fact, Jon Stewart helped Stephen Colbert reach his full potential.

Jon Stewart also inspired many other people. For example, comedians like John Oliver and Steve Carrel worked for The Daily Show, and now they are the faces of modern comedy.

Jon Stewart had guts. He could make a conversation about a serious subject funny. He is probably the only person who called the President “dude” when interviewing him.

Bill Clinton even tweeted “Where will I get my news every night?”

As for now, The Daily Show is still going on and many will watch the last of funny news by the one and only political comedy pioneer, Jon Stewart.


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