Weird Al Yankovic Announces His New World Tour

Weird Al Yankovic Announces His New World Tour

weirdalBy Mir Khan and Saif Khalique

Weird Al Yankovic, best recognized for his satirical music style with hits like White and Nerdy and Eat It, has recently announced that he will go on a world tour. The name of his tour? Mandatory Tour, which shares its name with his recently released number one album, Mandatory Fun. The tour is set to start on May 12, with a five night venue at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV.

The recent success that Weird Al has received is long overdue for the almost forty-year veteran of the music industry, as Mandatory Fun is his first number one album in its debut week. This is not very unusual for the singer as he only released his number one single and top ten album in 2006, thirty years after he launched his career in 1976 (the song was White and Nerdy and the album was Straight Outta Lynwood).

Although it may seem that Weird Al Yankovic is a pop-culture relic of some sorts, it is not unusual to see his work reach even our generation of teenagers. As Jessan Jissu ‘15, stated “My favorite Weird Al song is White and Nerdy and I would gladly attend any of his concerts if they came to New York.”

Shajed Ahmed ‘15, stated that “I would go to a Weird Al concert if I could and my favorite song is Eat It.”

But it seems that Weird Al Yankovic’s pop culture prestige has not been received by everyone in our generation as Stephon Harrilal ‘15 said,  “I don’t really care for Weird Al Yankovic’s music and I would rather go to a concert of another artist instead.”

Despite this, it is truly impressive that after almost forty years of launching his career that Weird Al Yankovic can excite people who were born almost twenty years after he had launched in 1976 and that he can continue to stay relevant with his satirical genius.

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