The World United in Brooklyn Tech’s Culture Show

By Jeremie Mutolo

New York City is the cultural epicenter of the world and is often viewed as a “melting pot” for millions of people from different backgrounds. With over 1,000 cultures represented in the Big Apple, it is no surprise that Brooklyn Tech decided to host its own culture show celebrating the rich diversity of not only the city, but of the school itself. 

The performances accurately represented the demographics of Brooklyn Tech. Whether it be traditional Chinese songs or musical performances, or dance moves from Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, all performances showcased the rich culture of the school.

Fanny Li ‘16 says, “It was really surprising to watch the show because I never really knew the true extent to which our school was so diverse. I hang out with people from a lot of different backgrounds, similar to that of the performers, and the show gave me a chance to really learn more about where they come from.”

Although the purpose of the Culture Show was to celebrate the diversity of our school, it was ironically the performance that appeared to have the least ethnic background that managed to garner the most enthusiasm of the crowd.

A hip-hop performance by Jonathan Chang ‘15 and Brooke Lynne ‘16, singing a rendition of Empire State Mind truly hyped up the audience. Mark Roginkin ‘16 says, “I used to love this song, and I think they did a really good job of performing it.”

The performance may not have screamed culture at first glance, but perhaps it wasn’t aiming to represent ethnic culture, but more so the culture of New York City. Hip-hop started in the Bronx during the 1970s and connects deeply with African-American society. All in all, the Culture Show presented Brooklyn Tech in a whole new light, enlightening students about the heritage of their peers.

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