The Super Bowl’s Halftime Show

By Jeremie Mutolo and Lucas Ardon

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The Super Bowl is considered one of the grandest events of the year, and to some extent, a national holiday. An opportunity to gather with friends and family, sharing food and laughter while experiencing the adrenaline-rush that comes with watching sports makes the Super Bowl more than just a game: It’s an experience. Sandwiched between the two 30-minute periods of football, however, is a spectacle that has long contributed to the overall awe of the event, the halftime show. This year’s Super Bowl in particular made Katy Perry the envy of all her musical counterparts.

The show was kicked off with the pop singer riding through the stadium on a huge, metallic tiger while dressed as a cartoon flame as she belted out lyrics from one of her many hit songs, “Roar”.

With the crowd in the stadium and viewers at home still mesmerized by having just seen a 20-foot tiger gallop across field, it is, of course, easy to understand how they might have missed the life-size chess match that took place while Perry sung yet another one of her hits, “Dark Horse”.

This part of the performance stood out most to Fanny Li ‘16, who said, “This part of the performance was really creative on her behalf, and I thought it was really cool how the stage was also used as a visual effect”.

It was at this point in the performance that the chessboard disintegrated, and there was an unexpected appearance by Lenny Kravitz with him shredding the melody to “I Kissed A Girl”, the song that made Perry a star.

Mark Roginkin ‘16 said, “My girlfriend and I started singing along once we heard that familiar tone. It’s a really great song!”.

Accompanied by a pyrotechnic spectacle that seemingly matched the design of Perry’s outfit, the performance sure left the audience burning up.

Of course, as anyone knows, the perfect way to cool down is to take a trip to the beach. However, Glendale, AZ is situated on the mainland United States, so if you can’t go to the beach, then bring the beach to you. Katy Perry did exactly that, all while singing her much celebrated and Grammy-nominated single, “California Gurls”.


The performance included dancing beach balls, dancing palm trees, dancing sharks, and bikini-clad girls. The performance stepped up a notch as Perry invited musical legend Missy Elliot to perform her two classic hits “Work It” and “Music Makes You Lose Control”. The internet exploded as people who grew up listening to Elliot’s music posted nostalgic status updates celebrating her return.

Tech alumna Esther Lauren ‘12 says, “I wasn’t even planning on watching the Super Bowl this year, or even the halftime show. But when my friends told me Missy Elliot was performing, I had to tune in”.

After all the excitement, flare, and flamboyance, Perry decided to finish off the performance with one of her more sensational songs, “Firework”. The stadium grew to a murmur as she began to sing. The lights were dimmed and the spotlight was focused on her, and soon began to ascend on a star with a rainbow attached to it, spewing sparks as she flew above the stadium. She was soon accompanied by another pyrotechnic spectacle, but this one more controlled and grand. It was the most passionate and moving part of the show and probably the best way to end of the performance. Many people questioned the choice of Katy Perry as a half-time entertainer for such a “manly” event, but the performance overall was a huge success nonetheless.


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